Credits in Crystal

Why credits in Crystal?

We developed our contact system in an attempt to align with our desired business model, or how we create and capture value to keep running as a business.

Crystal is in the business of improving relationships via communication, and as a company we deemed it unfair to charge people who use Crystal to improve their personal relationships. As a result, we’ve strived to construct a business model that makes Crystal free for personal use and paid for business use.

For a while, our contact system was based on an honesty policy. Free users could add as many contacts as they wanted, but the person on the other end would be notified if they were a Crystal user. We found 2 issues arose because of this:

    1. People using Crystal for personal relationships were actually hurt by this. They were hesitant to add someone as a contact, and not able to better their relationships as a result.
    2. The system was easy to cheat, and some people who were using it to drive business outcomes weren’t paying.

As a result, we’ve built a new contact system that does away with notifications and allows profile views based on usage– 5 contacts/month. This allows for free users to get value for personal relationships, and business users to upgrade to get value for all of their contacts.


How does it work?

    • Free users are granted 5 credits per month. When you go to someone’s profile, you’ll have the option to use a credit to unlock it or upgrade.
    • Once a profile is unlocked it’s available forever across all of our tools.
    • Unused credits do not roll over to the next month. Use ’em while you got ’em!
    • Profiles listed as working at your organization on Crystal are also free to view.


What happens when someone is added as a contact in Crystal?

You gain access to their personality profile. Simple as that. No one is notified, no email is sent out.

Our contact system is entirely private. Free users can better their personal relationships without worrying about notifying anyone.

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