I’ve noticed two profiles for myself. How do I merge them?

While Crystal’s technology is pretty sophisticated, it’s by no means perfect. In some cases you might notice that Crystal has generated multiple profiles for you or another person. We’ve built a way for you to flag and merge duplicate profiles of yourself in our system.

The process is simple:

  1. Before you start you might be curious about what personality profile is currently associated with your account. When logged in, click “View my personality” from the homepage. This will take you to the profile currently associated with your account.
    View my personality button
  2. Search for yourself on Crystal, and select the duplicate profile from the search results page.

  3. Underneath the profile picture of the duplicate profile, you should see a “Mark duplicate profilebutton. Click that to merge the duplicate with your current profile.

    Mark Duplicate Profile ButtonIf it doesn’t appear, it’s possible you’ve created a second account which has claimed the profile. If that’s the case, you can email us at hello@crystalknows.com for help.

*If you’re curious, here’s an explanation of why duplicate profiles happen in our system:

  • Crystal uses a few key identifiers like name, location, job, and picture to identify who a person is. If someone has multiple social profiles where these aren’t the same, Crystal generates a unique profile for each.
  • Along those lines, if someone updates this information on their social profile, Crystal may not realize this is the same person. In this case, Crystal will generate a new profile instead of updating the current one.

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