Crystal for Chrome isn’t automatically pulling up a profile. What can I do?

If the Chrome extension isn’t automatically pulling up a personality profile, it can mean different things depending on the website you’re using Crystal on.

In Gmail

There are a few ways we link a personality profile to an email address in Gmail:

  1. If someone is a Crystal User, their personality profile is automatically attached to the email address they signed up with.
  2. If not, we’ll use 3rd party services and our own search to try to identify any social profiles associated with an email address. If successful, we’ll link the associated personality profile to the email address.
  3. If neither of the above happens, when you write an email to someone, if search for and select a personality profile via the chrome extension, we automatically link it to that email address.

If we’re not automatically pulling up a profile for someone in Gmail, search for them and select the correct profile. From then on the profile will be assigned automatically when you write to that email address.

In LinkedIn

If we’re not automatically pulling up a profile in LinkedIn, it’s most likely because that LinkedIn profile isn’t public. We only use publicly available information to generate profiles, and so we don’t generate a personality profile for LinkedIn profiles that aren’t public (even if you can see it).

We might have a profile for them from another network, so we recommend searching for them in our plugin anyway. If you find a profile and select it, we’ll link it to that LinkedIn profile and automatically pull it up from then on.

Is Crystal not pulling up a personality profile and the LinkedIn profile is public? You’ve probably found a bug. Email us at


In Twitter/Facebook/Salesforce

If Crystal doesn’t automatically pull up a profile on any of these sites, one of a few things may be happening:

  1. The profile isn’t public and we can’t generate a profile.
  2. The profile isn’t public, but we have a profile for them from another site that isn’t linked to that social profile. If you search for them via our advanced search and select the correct profile, we’ll link it to be automatically pulled up on that account from then on.
  3. We don’t have a personality profile for that person. We don’t have everyone!


Not pulling up a profile and think is should be? Send us an email at

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