Dashboard Overview

Welcome to Crystal!

If you’re here, that means you’re likely on your first steps to improving your communication with Crystal. We understand that if can be overwhelming, so we created this series of Getting Started articles to help you get the most out of Crystal as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll overview our dashboard, the first thing you see upon completing your onboarding with Crystal.


The Homepage

Crystal's Homepage

The bulk of our homepage provides the means to perform a few key actions:

  1. Search for People: Using either the search bar in the top left or by clicking “Look up someone’s personality”, you can search for people you know on Crystal.
  2. Install the Chrome Extension: One of our most valuable tools, it brings our personality insights into the tools that your communicate in the most, helping to make you a communication master.


The Products Tab

Crystal's Products Tab

Crystal’s “Products” tab provides an overview of the primary features Crystal has to offer, including:


Account Menu

Crystal's Account Menu

Crystal’s account menu:

  1. Links you to your profile
  2. Links you to our DISC learning center
  3. Links to our Help&Support Center (you’re there now)
  4. Let’s you sign up for a business trial for your team (Try Unlimited Access)
  5. Links to your account settings
  6. Let’s you log out

That’s all for now! Next, see how to do your first profile lookup on Crystal.

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