Your First Crystal Profile Lookup

So you heard about Crystal, signed up, and onboarded.

Now what?

Here’s what you should know before you start looking through profiles:

  • Crystal is a platform with millions of “predicted” personality profiles. We estimate the personality of anyone with an online presence by analyzing their writing style and allowing self and peer reviews on our site.
  • Some people have reviewed their personality profiles, and others have not. The more reviews and public data Crystal finds, the higher the “accuracy confidence.”
  • Everyone has the right to ask for the removal of their Crystal profile, although they will not be able to access the platform to view other peoples’ profiles either.
  • The profiles themselves are only the beginning — tools like Crystal for Gmail and relationship analysis use this personality data to help you communicate better at work.

Step 1: Search for a person you know

Crystal's Homepage Search Bar

Directly next to the Crystal logo you’ll see a search box. Type in the name of someone you know.

If you don’t see the person’s name, click “Look up someone’s personality” in the navbar to use our advanced search.


If you still can’t find the person after using more specific search information like company, location, or school, they may not be populated in Crystal’s database yet (we’re still building it!). Try looking for yourself or someone else.

Step 2: The personality profile

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, you’ll land on the personality profile. If you have a paid account, this will unlock automatically. If you’re on a free/practice account, you’ll need to use a credit to view the profile. More on our credit system here.

This page contains an overview of the person’s communication style, as well as direct recommendations about how to best interact with them in different situations.

One of Crystal's Personality Profiles

Immediately below the picture at the top, you’ll see an accuracy score.

Crystal's accuracy confidence

The accuracy confidence indicates how confident Crystal is about the profile generated. This is based on the amount of data analyzed and results from self-assessments and profile reviews. The 94% accuracy confidence displayed indicates that Crystal is almost certain that the profile is correct.

In the top navigation, you can select a number of different tools to better your communication with that person.

Crystal's Profile Tools

These include viewing your relationship analysis and similarity to that person, as well as a variety of situational example emails catered to that person’s personality type. These features only grow as Crystal does.

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