How to Analyze Relationships with Crystal

Relationships are one of Crystal’s most powerful forms of personality analysis. With relationships, you can see how any two personalities in Crystal’s system will likely interact. Will a pair of people immediately get along? Will it take a while? How will they work in groups, and what are potential sources of conflict?

Relationships can help you to:

  • Better understand your team and help them work together more effectively
  • Pair your sales team with clients that they’ll naturally connect with
  • More effectively handle conflict and develop stronger relationships

In this post, we’ll give you an overview of how to to use Crystal’s Relationships feature. You can view relationships both on and through our Chrome Plugin.


Using the Website

On a Personality Profile

While on someone’s profile, you can easily view your relationship with them by clicking the “Relationship” tab on their profile:

Crystal Profile Relationship Tab

The Products Tab


You can also view relationships by selecting “Relationship Reports” from the products tab:

Crystal Relationship Reports Products Tab

From there, you’ll have the option to view relationships for you and someone else, or two other people if you’re on a leader account:

Relationship Reports

Using the Chrome Plugin

If you’re more active in your inbox or other locations on the web, Crystal’s Relationships are still easy to access. Wherever we have a “View Personality” button (Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), you have the ability to view your relationship with someone else.

When on someone’s social profile, click the View Personality button. From there, select Relationship to view that Person’s and your Relationship analysis:

LinkedIn Relationship

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