Review Profiles for Accuracy

While Crystal’s software creates personality profiles with a high degree of accuracy, we like to make it possible for actual human beings to fine-tune our data. Enter into the picture: Review Mode.

With review mode, you can improve the accuracy of any profile in Crystal’s system. Review mode allows you to confirm or disagree with any personality trait on someone’s profile.

Upon completion, the user will receive a notification that you reviewed their profile. While everyone can see that you’ve reviewed the profile, only you can see which traits you confirmed and denied.

To initiate a profile review:

Navigate to a users personality traits and click on the thumbs up or down on any trait to initiate review mode.

Profile Review

Once you initiate review mode, instructions will pop-up. Confirm those traits you agree with, disagree with those you don’t, and click “Complete Review” to submit your review.

Crystal Review Mode


Things to note about review mode:

  • You don’t have to review every trait on a profile. If you don’t agree or disagree, feel free to leave it alone.
  • If you want to undo one of your selections, click on the button again and it will revoke the vote.
  • A profile may or may not change after you vote on it, depending on a number of factors. If the profile has a high-confidence it’s less likely to change.
  • If the profile is claimed, the user will receive a notification that you reviewed their profile. If it isn’t claimed, the user will receive a notification upon claiming the profile.

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