My profile seems inaccurate. What can I do about it?

While we don’t allow direct editing of personality profiles, we have two methods for changing your personality on Crystal: a Personality Assessment and Review Mode.

The Assessment

You can take our personality assessment by selecting “Complete the DISC assessment” below your profile picture on Crystal.

Complete DISC Assessment Button

This will bring you into an initial 14 question assessment, with the option to answer an additional 14 questions (for a total of 28).

Note that your profile won’t change until you’ve answered at least the initial 14 questions.

There are 2 ways to improve your accuracy with review mode:

  1. Review your own profile. Check out our tutorial on reviewing profiles to see how to do this.
  2. Get others to review your profile. Any Crystal user can review any profile in our system (make sure you really know them though, your face and name will be shown after you review it).We don’t have a formal channel for inviting others to review your profile, so just ask the people who know you best!

Whenever a profile is reviewed, we use that to adjust the personality score on the backend of our system. Sometimes this will directly change traits on the profile, other times this will simply adjust the score with know change in personality.

Stay tuned for more updates to review mode!

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