Using Crystal for Chrome: Access Crystal profiles from Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

After we launched, people told us that they loved having access to personality profiles but that it took too long to look up each person before they reached out. We realized that we needed a better way to serve the information without coming to the site.

To fix this, we built a Chrome extension that gives you access to Crystal profiles in the two most frequently-used online communication mediums: email and social media.

In Gmail

Once you install the extension, Crystal assumes a role as your personal email coach, working like spell-check to help you write your message to best suit the communication style of the recipient.

Whenever you compose a new message, you’ll see a “Crystal Says” button next to “Send”. Click the button to get helpful tips for writing according to the recipient’s personality. You can also click “Relationship” to view your predicted relationship report with that person, and “Email Example” to select from a group of example emails written according to the recipient’s personality.

Crystal Gmail Popup

Whenever you receive an email, you’ll see a “View Personality” button on the top right corner, which will give you the same information for the sender.

Perhaps the handiest feature of Crystal for Gmail is the underlined suggestions, which work like spell-check to recommend changes on the fly while you write an email. You can ignore specific suggestions, or turn off underlining altogether if you prefer.


Most recently, we added a sidebar, providing immediate access to the recipient’s personality overview and the ability to select one of our example emails.

Crystal Gmail Sidebar

Experiencing conflicts or want any of these features to be turned off? Just go to your extension settings and customize away!


In LinkedIn

While you browse LinkedIn, we’ll embed entire personality profiles into a “Personality” section. From here you can explore personality profiles, you’re predicted relationship analysis with the person, and example email templates catered to their personality.

Crystal's LinkedIn integration

In Twitter

Similar to LinkedIn, you’ll see a “View personality” button on any Twitter user’s profile, right below the bio.


In Facebook

And finally, whenever you view someone’s Facebook profile, you’ll see the trusty Crystal button right above any user’s wall on their profile.



If you have other websites in mind where you’d like to see a Crystal button, please let us know by emailing

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