Crystal's New, sexier interface.

Crystal’s New Look and Credit System

If you’ve been with us for all of 2016 you know we’ve been experimenting. We’ve tested different tools, interfaces, and business models, all with the goal of helping people improve communication through enhanced personality insights and empathy. We’re excited to announce that we’re starting August with a bang: a brand new look and credit system. It’s […]

Crystal's Learning Center

The Crystal Learning Center

Personality assessments are nothing new. For decades, people have relied on these questionnaires to bring context to personality and apply what they learn to the relationships in their daily lives. Most companies have their employees take these tests and… that may be it. They’ll receive a document or PDF telling them […]

Dashboard Overview

Welcome to Crystal! If you’re here, that means you’re likely on your first steps to improving your communication with Crystal. We understand that if can be overwhelming, so we created this series of Getting Started articles to help you get the most out of Crystal as soon as possible. In this […]

Sync your Google Calendar

If you find yourself in a lot of meetings and use Google calendar, our calendar integration is a must have. With it, you’ll receive a daily email that provides a quick personality overview for each person in your meetings, helping you communicate more effectively. Think Charlie app, but for communication […]

Credits in Crystal

Why credits in Crystal? We developed our contact system in an attempt to align with our desired business model, or how we create and capture value to keep running as a business. Crystal is in the business of improving relationships via communication, and as a company we deemed it unfair to charge people who use […]

Uninstalling Crystal for Chrome

Having issues with Crystal for Chrome and need to uninstall? Before you do, we encourage you to check out our articles on the extension settings menu to troubleshoot the issue (for Gmail, and other websites). You can also reach out to If you’re still looking to uninstall the extension, navigate […]