Crystal's Learning Center

The Crystal Learning Center

Personality assessments are nothing new. For decades, people have relied on these questionnaires to bring context to personality and apply what they learn to the relationships in their daily lives.

Most companies have their employees take these tests and… that may be it. They’ll receive a document or PDF telling them about themselves and for the 15-20 minutes it takes to read it, they’re interested. That’s usually where their interest ends, unless the company is willing to invest thousands of dollars to bring an expert in to dive further and explain how to apply this information to improve communication.

This method of training is unhelpful if an employer doesn’t have the funding to bring in the trainer. Empathy is important, and increases when people apply this information to better relate to others. At Crystal, we believe that broadcasting this information and learning about the intricacies of personality through DISC is valuable. We want to help improve communication and rapport between you and your colleagues.

On that note, we recommend walking through the various lessons in our brand spankin’ new DISC Learning Center. The materials we’ve created bring context to every person you meet and every Crystal profile you view – including your own. We like the analogy of a toolkit: Crystal’s relationship, advice, e-mail tools, and communication overviews are all part of the Crystal product and tools in your toolkit. Learning the basics of DISC can be equated to not just owning the tools, but knowing how to use the tools in that toolkit the right way.

Crystal's Learning Center

The Learning Center is free for all of our users. We plan on rolling out more courses in the upcoming year, so learn the basics and then increase your effectiveness in Cold Calling, E-mail Etiquette, Networking, and more.