Crystal's New, sexier interface.

Crystal’s New Look and Credit System

If you’ve been with us for all of 2016 you know we’ve been experimenting. We’ve tested different tools, interfaces, and business models, all with the goal of helping people improve communication through enhanced personality insights and empathy.

We’re excited to announce that we’re starting August with a bang: a brand new look and credit system. It’s the culmination of months of experimentation and learning. It’s focused on what matters, helping you improve your relationships and communication through empathy.


The New Look

Crystal's New, sexier interface.

Our dashboard was in much need of a redesign. We recreated it with the 3 things you want to do when you use Crystal in mind:

  1. View your own personality profile.
  2. View the personality profiles of people you know.
  3. Improve communication using our tools and integrations.

The new dashboard makes it as easy as possible to do these 3 things. You can view your profiles and the profile of others right from the homepage and find all of our tools organized into a nice, neat products menu. It’s also easy on the eyes, if we say so ourselves.

Explore the new dashboard.


The Credit System

Note: Paid users are unaffected by the credit system update. If that’s you, you still have unlimited access.

We’ve spent much of this year testing different models for our free plans. Whether it be Contacts, Credits, or Connections, we’ve searched for the right way to create clarity regarding our free plan, business plans, and the product in general.

If you’re on a free plan you can unlock 5 profiles per month and (coming soon) view the profiles of all of your coworkers. How it works:

  1. Every month you’re given 5 credits. When you go to someone’s profile, you’ll have the option to use a credit to unlock it or upgrade.
  2. Once a profile is unlocked it’s available forever across all of our tools.
  3. Coming Soon: In addition, you can see the personality profile of anyone who works for your organization.

With these new model you have full control over who you’d like to view and are granted free access to the people you work with on a day-to-day basis.


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