The Empathy Equation

How to accelerate trust, build relationships, and win more customers in a skeptical world.

There is something that happens when two people meet and click right away. It’s intangible, really, but every so often someone new comes to your office or meets for coffee or just sits down next to you in the break room and there’s this moment when you realize you’ve just met someone you really, really want to work with.

It happens all the time, right? It could be that short interaction where you sit down for an interview with a potential new manager or on a committee working through a new problem or even on a sales call. Sometimes people don’t have to think too much about what they say or how they say it. Every now and again the walls come down a bit and the ideas and discussion flow naturally.

We spend a lot of time at Crystal thinking about that exact moment. Whether this moment happens with someone you just met or a person you’ve gotten to know over time, it is fact that feeling like both people – or an entire team – knows and understands each other increases productivity and makes the work day happier. And a happy company makes better products which brings in happier clients which will automatically increase business and grow your respective model. That is a fact.

But those moments can sometimes be rare for people. We know that communication is hard because if it wasn’t, millions of people would not spend billions of dollars trying to bridge the gaps that are created when people cannot overcome the chasms that are created by that very simply, yet intrinsically over complicated thing called Chemistry. This phenomena is usually natural but it is entirely possible to produce it if you can understand the behaviors and motivations of the person and people sitting across from you.

And to do that, you need to understand the concept of Empathy. It’s square one, ground zero, the concrete foundation to building relationships and creating better rapport and communication with everyone you meet.

Webster’s Dictionary defines empathy as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” This concept seems like it should be so simple and yet millions of people spend billions of dollars every year trying to traverse the valley we previously mentioned that can develop between people that just don’t know how to get on the same page.

And now that we’ve spent this essay explaining the background that goes into the thinking of everything we do at Crystal HQ, we can dive into the real crux for the reason this product has been created. We call it The Empathy Equation and in the next few series of posts, we will dive into the equation, into the DISC personality assessment, why we use DISC rather than some of the other personality profile tests, and finally, how to develop the skills to walk through your daily life and build better relationships with the folks you interact every single day.

People are complicated- that is a given. Let’s talk about how to simplify the process of understanding.